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The Queendom Scribe

I am Lord Charlemagne.   These are the names my parents gave me when I was born.  As far as I know,  my family cannot trace its lineage to any Royal Family; however the names conveyed my parents’ visions of greatness for their newborn son. 

Growing up, my parents’ dreams of grandeur became my own.  As a little boy I had ambitions of exploring the world, discovering the cure for Cancer, or being the first man to land on Mars.  Alas --- like any child I grew up and one by one the fantastic ambitions were replaced by reality.  However,  I have not stopped dreaming and I have tried my best to live a full life.  I have also realized that a great life can only be achieved by sharing it with people.

In The House of Queens, I hope to share my life with people around the world.  I may not be able to physically travel to every proverbial corner of the earth but I am hopeful,  that in this small space in the World Wide Web I can write about myself, my thoughts, and my experiences.  In that process, I may be able to meet people like you who may want to take a peek into this life.


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